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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beats Antique - Alleyway (with ill.gates)

An impressive track from Beats Antique off of their new album Elektafone. This particular track is my favorite so far after a few listens through. Love the glitch/world blend of sound. And just a public service announcement Beats Antique are incredible live so check them out if you can.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Marvin Gaye - T Plays It Cool

What a great track by Marvin. There are strains of jazz, funk, r&b and soul throughout that do not fail to impress.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nicolas Jaar - I Got a Woman

Smooth one from Nicolas Jaar. Found this one right when I was feeling overdue for a trip hop sounding track. Jaar is pushing that trippy progression into the oncoming madchange train.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Afta-1 - Believe [Aftathoughts Vol. 1]

Yes, his productions have a tendency to get stuck in your head/soul for days. Something truly dreamlike about the Afta-1 sound at times. This time. Modern soul still has some of that original soul left and the soul is still beautiful. But the soul is different now, it's not as raw and filled with energy. A metaphor for the world today?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fiestas Pirate mixtape - Spike Devil Disco and Papi Perez

 So I tend to jump from soul music, to world music, to J Dilla inspired instrumental beats, to chillwave and then to politically inspired music on this blog. So here is me jumping to a really great modern Cumbia mix that is far ahead of its time and most people's ears. Its got the right amount of subtle effects, recognizable beats/tracks, fresh new beats/tracks, is mixed smoothly and professionally and makes you wanna move. Most of all it is not annoying. There are so many potential annoying moments in most Cumbia mixes (mad vocals and over talking, mad airhorn, mad accordion, or just simple madness) mixes but here they seem to skip by them or layer effects on at these moments to keep it smoothed out. Nice one.  

Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music

They don't make em like this anymore. Say all you want about the production quality of today's artists but all the technology and production quality in the world doesn't hold a candle to the beauty and soul that pours through this one. Produced by a guy named Otis Redding.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Free mixes by DJ MadCoins - The Sunday Supper sets

Enjoy 3 new sets of music from my Sunday residency at TenOak in Austin, Tx. They are all full of genre jumping goodness. The mixes are all a bit different but include soulful hip hop, soul,  downtempo, reggae, world beat, breakbeat, rock, left field remixes, mashups and moombahton. These sets are meant to help you listen away the hangover from Saturday night and let you forget the dread of Monday morning work. As always free downloads are available. Enjoy.

A Tribe Called Red - PowWowzers feat. Northern Cree and Clarence Two Toes

PowWowzers feat. Northern Cree and Clarence Two Toes by A Tribe Called Red
Love that the tribal roots element is more and more apparent in electronic underground music these daze. Native America crawling through colonial speakers. 

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Friday, November 4, 2011

DJ MadCoins - 21st Century Soul Vol 2

The second volume of a mix series celebrating modern Soul music. A balance of remix, instrumental and vocal styles with much of the sound you hear influenced by the late, great James Yancey aka J Dilla. 

DJ MadCoins - 'Merica hip hop set

A slew of golden era and old school hip hop recorded live for Sunday Service night at Natt Spil bar in Madison, Wisconsin on 7/3/2011

Immortal Technique - Rich Mans World (1%)

Enjoy some new Immortal Technique genius. You can download his new mixtape ‘The Martyr’ for free below.

The words “Immortal Technique”, “new mixtape” and “free download” should be enough to catch the more discerning listener’s ear, but if you’re new to this excellent MC let’s just say he’s the real deal. If you want to know more, his full, extraordinary biography can be found on the Viper Records website (as can his essay The Legacy of Bin Laden which is well worth reading.)
The Martyr features guest spots from Dead Prez, Joell Ortiz, Diabolic and more on the mic, and production from J Dilla, Southpaw and the man himself. On the track “Rich Man’s World (1%)” he puts himself in the mind of a genuine one-percenter and shows just how much he doesn’t give a shit what the other 99% of us think (“I hope you got good credit bitch/If not better get a new job with benefits”) - all over that naggingly familiar riff from “Money Money Money” by Abba.
Immortal Technique is currently on tour through-out the US in support of The Martyr (he’l be coming to a city near you pretty soon, check the dates on the Viper website). but in the meantime you can download the 16 tracks here, so get clicking.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lennon - Anon

Anon - Lennon by kronika
Nice steady head-nod beat with subtle, chopped samples brought to you by Lennon. Lennon is a CT kid who is only 17 years old and already rockin it. I love the young kids who help push change so i'm extra down with helping promote his work. His whole beat tape can be found here: Lennon - A Beat Tape

Nick Wisom - Nightlines album

Andres Digital - No, No, No (Andres Digital Cumbia Remix)

No No No (I've got your man) Andrés Digital Cumbia Remix by AndresDigital
I'm feelin this new Cumbia mix of the classic Reggae tune No, No, No. Nice blend of Latin and Reggae wrapped up in greatness.   

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kwanzaa Posse - Wicked Funk

Funky ass tune from Kwanzaa Posse sampling on of the best loops of Fela Kuti ever. So, so groovy.

Homeboy Sandman - Calm Tornado MUSIC VIDEO PREMIER

Anybody that thinks hip hop is dead needs a heavy dose of Homeboy Sandman shoved down their ear hole. Dude can rip the mic. Also, he ends this sick flow with the word Milwaukee, which makes this Wisconsin boy quite proud.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

J Dilla - 01 - track 3 (you're the one) - 3 beat tapes

This might be one of my favorite minutes by Dilla. So simple yet that loop and beat work so well together you will dream about this beat even after all your music equipment has been seized by the man. Dilla = pushing things forward = MadChange

The Marvelettes - You're the one for me Bobby

This is a great, often overlooked song by The Marvelettes. J Dilla looped the best part of it and made an amazing beat/track with it which I will post next.

king tubby - herb man dub

The Skatalites Meet King Tubby from the album Heroes of Reggae in Dub. This! is one of the best break beat reggae tunes of all time.

Ayatollah - A Cold Feeling Feat. Rakim (Instrumental)

One of my favorite instrumentals I have discovered in 2011. I think the sample might be from T Bone Walker's "Cold, Cold Feeling". Rakim is on the original, which makes sense as no one else should be able to touch such a nice beat . It hits so hard you might break your neck.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

tUnE-yArDs-Gangsta (Adrock Remix)

This Adrock remix of "Gangsta" by the tUnE-yArDs is fresh like brushed teeths. tUnE-yArDs sound is definitely pushing MadChange in music these daze. She puts most indi rock to shame/to the gallows.

"Gangsta" - tUnE-yArDs

I posted tUnE-yArDs "Bizness" a while back on this blog but wanted to post her "Gangsta" track because it has been getting a lot of play in my ears lately. Next up, the Adrock remix of "Gangsta".

BIG YOUTH "Marcus Garvey Dread" Garance Reggae Festival 2010

And here is Big Youth as a a living legend performing in 2010 at the Garance Reggae Festival in France. He's still got it.

BIG Youth - Live

Here is a re-post about the underrated Reggae star Big Youth I just saw over at Dangerousminds.net (check out their blog, it's great):

Big Youth was a “toaster” or “DJ” who would basically rhyme and rap over records during the large outdoor Jamaican dance parties that used to be known as “sounds.” Taking his cue from U Roy, who was more or less the first DJ (or at least the genre’s first star), Big Youth would chat, chant, sort of sing and just bullshit on the mike, offering humor, politics and heady doses of Rasta spirituality. I was transfixed by Big Youth’s voice, subject matter and… just the whole image he projected of a wise God-loving and yet sexy ghetto preacher. The guy was incredible! Why didn’t the whole world know about him? Why wasn’t this guy acclaimed as a musical genius? He was the coolest motherfucker I’d ever heard of.
Big Youth was Bob Marley’s favorite musician in Jamaica and he praised Jah Youth in many interviews during the 70s. Marley actually copped quite a bit from Big Youth, not the least being his clothes, his dreadlocks—Big Youth was the first Jamaican musician of any note to flash his dreads onstage as followers of Rastafari were still semi-social outcasts even then—and even his use of the words “Natty” and “Dread” in his lyrics. Yes, it’s a historical fact that Bob Marley stole a bit of his swagger from Jah Youth (who seemed mildly pissed off about this in several 70s vintage articles I’ve read).
But as any reggae fanatic can tell you, during the classic roots era of the 70s, there were very, very few film or video cameras floating around the Kingston ghettos. Unless it was a part of Bob Marley’s scene, the era, aside from photographs, remains more or less unrecorded. There are some quite good documentaries on Jamaica music, but they can be counted on one hand. So it was very exciting to discover this brief but amazing B&W video clip of Jah Youth during his prime. I’ve searched for Big Youth clips from his 70s peak on YouTube for years and come up empty-handed until now. Even if it is under two minutes, it’s still Big Youth and it fucking slays. - Richard Metzger via Dangerousminds

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mayer Hawthorne - A Long Time

My favorite song/video combo of the year, hands down. The smooth crooning of Mayer Hawthorne along with some tightly edited dance moves and fashion from a local Detroit dance show circa 1990.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Venus X - Renegade Berberse

This is ill like flu season. Drum & Beast mixed with the Middle East! I love the envelope pushing here = MadChange.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Champ harmonique / Harmonic fields

Brilliant video of a huge sound sculture/sound trail/mind bending experience in England. This is art, landscape, nature and music creating Change together. Composer Pierre Sauvageot's Harmonic Fields project, a participatory landscape of wind-activated musical instruments temporarily installed on the beach near Birkrigg Common, Cumbria, England. The haphazard plinks, drum rolls, whistles and drones is often mesmerizingly beautiful, as the following video makes clear. It's a kind of weather plug-in, constructed as a sequence of very different movements in space.

It was intended as an actual sound trail—"a symphonic march for 1,000 aeolian instruments and moving audience," in the composer's words, quoted by the Guardian, and "it's important that it is not just a circuit of weird noises," he quickly adds. "The experience develops through individual movements."

From the Guardian:
You are introduced to the quarter-mile trail with a prelude for 300 Balinese wind chimes, followed by an adagio slalom of tuned bamboo pipes, which gives way to a reflective passage for suspended cellos and deckchairs and a pentatonic interlude of turbine-driven glockenspiels. It concludes, like a proper symphony, with a coda drawing together all the elements in a climax of either frenzied dissonance or a soft, extended diminuendo, depending on the weather conditions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Los Viajeros Siderales - La marimba - Machuca

This is an amazing jam blending pure elements of Rock & Roll and Cumbia together (and elements of Psychedelia making it almost sound like Peruvian Chicha ((or Psychedelic Funk)) at times to these ears).


Mexican Cumbia in The Sixties

I thought while I post this Mike Laure I would also post a bit of info/history about Mexican Cumbia that I found on Wikipedia:

Few musicians in Mexico knew cumbia, and practically the history of cumbia in Mexico is parallel to the rock & roll history and also it had almost of the same way.

Policarpo Calle, an accordionist of cumbia and very popular vallenato musician in Colombia and Mexico with his song "La Porra Caimanera", "La Cumbia chida", "La Monaguilla", "Leyda", "Se cabrio la Cumbia" "Maria Salome" among others, mentions that the first introducer of cumbia in Mexico was the Mexican singer Carmen Rivero [1], she traveled until Colombia to learn cumbia music and to bring it to the country, parallel, Mike Laure a rock & roll musician from Jalisco began with the change of its style of rocker whom was not to him very favorable to a declared tropical musician, began trying in the new "tropical" music genre called cumbia, both, Carmen Rivero and Mike Laure by different ways, did not know that they would be in the pioneers and creators of the real Mexican cumbia.

When Carmen Rivero returned from Colombia, brought a repertoire of Colombian cumbia of Colombian previous decade, the Mexican Rivero made, like Mike Laure a symbiosis of cumbia brought of Colombia with the experience that both had of different music styles.

Meanwhile, Mike Laure, in 1959 and 1960, had already formed its first musical group that just a short time later would change its name to "Los Cometas", (the same name of another group that recorded for CBS Columbia mentioned before), having a musical experience in Rock, Mike Laure makes a particular musical fusion recognized, its fusion of cumbia with the rock & roll, he separated the real Colombian percussion of cumbia replacing with an acoustic Drum kit (because he had instruments to play rock & roll). With relatives of him, introduce some instruments protagonists of cumbia Colombian, like the accordion, sax and clarinet, and the bases of the rhythm is made by guiro (substitute of the guacharaca of the Colombian cumbia) the acoustic drum kit, adding an instrument that already had been used by the Colombians but were not used more because in Colombia began to lose force, we refers to the electric guitar, as rock musician, invariably would have to use it within its recordings.

Mike Laure with its "tropical music" and the cumbia, begun to became very popular, he recorded his songs for "Discos Musart" a Mexican company, his songs were covers of Colombian groups like Antolín y su Combo Orence with the famous "Tabaco mascao", of Combo los Galleros with the "cieguita" Lucy Gonzalez, and of other famous musician, Alejandro Durán with his hit called "039" in accordion, another songs of Corraleros de Majagual and Colombian songs composed by Eliseo Herrera, Julio Erazo, and Cresencio Salcedo among others.

Mike Laure recorded Colombian hits of cumbia and other Colombian genres as Porro, Vallenato or Joropo, the re-recordings had adapted musically to satisfy the Mexican public, and because he did not have experience in this musical genre of cumbia, so the cumbia, almost for the first time has one of its radical adaptations and changes into the hands of Mike Laure, in addition that he did not have the real instruments of an orchestra of Colombian cumbia, Mike Laure used for the first time in recordings of cumbia for Mexican companies the use of accordion, electric guitar, clarinet and sax, and to simulate the percussion it uses "tumbadoras" or "congas". Mike Laure in its recordings imposed guidelines for the future tendencies of cumbia in Mexico, cumbia with accordion, cumbia with sax and cumbia with electric guitar. Although many of cumbias were covers, soon began to be composed the first Mexican cumbias and also recorded by Mike Laure.

Carmen Rivero brought her Colombian repertoire and to have itself later as singer together with Linda Vera, made its recordings for Discos CBS Columbia / Discos Orfeón, reason why soon it begins to become popular due to cumbias famous to cover of Colombian groups, the success subjects were clearly "the chicken farmer will colorá", "fisherman" and like in the race of Mike Laure. They would begin to be made up and to record first cumbias Mexican, like including in his first discs of Carmen Rivero like the subject "To Tabasco" talking about to the Mexican state of Tabasco.

Lucy Gonzalez - Alberto Carlos - Discos Sonosago

Nice, rare Latin 45 here from Lucy Gonzalez. Lucy Gonzalez is mentioned in the next post here which will feature Mexican Cumbia superstar/supergroup Mike Laure.

Wganda Kenya - La bomba - Fuentes.wmv

Damn, this rhythmic drumming by Wganda Kenya will put you into a trance something fierce.

Juaneco y Su Combo - Vacilando Con Ayahuasca (Murky Recess Mix)

Juaneco y Su Combo - Vacilando Con Ayahuasca (Murky Recess Mix) by murkyrecess
Murky Recess is a perfect name for the producer of this chopped and screwed remix of Juaneco y Su Combo’s Vacilando Con Ayahuasca. The remix makes for a nice and mellow track, perfect to sway your hips to.

Tambores Del Mar - Cumbia Libertad

05 Cumbia Libertad (Feat. Daia Mutis) by Tambores Del Mar
Beautiful downtempo Cumbia on a chill out vibe

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Owiny sigoma band - wires

Owiny Sigoma Band (For the Owiny!) from Nigeria is sounding like greatness to me.

Jazz for Cows

Well last week I posted Mariachi music being played to a whale and this week it is Jazz being played for cows. Jazz For Cows sounds like a fundraising effort of some sort.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hip Hop + Moombahton = Moombahop

Moombahton is a new genre of music that has been getting mixed reviews lately. Some people love it, some yawn, others hate it. I personally don't so much like the repeated high pitched synth tones that have been present in a lot of it, I do however like the sound of Hip Hop remixes, beats and samples when used with the Moombahton sound. So this is my mix of Moombahop with some melodic, Latin feeling Moombahton mixed in between. The link above will take you to the mix.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Benny Blanco feat. Geoff Ong - I Need A Dollar (Remix)

I try to post music styles/influences that have combined to clearly create newness and change musically as well as music that isn't afraid to use/reference politics to inspire and create critical thinking/change. This is a little of both as Benny Blanco uses the soul music of Aloe Blacc to drop his own rhymes on (which are filled with his own soul and politics). The lyrics are filled with realism and truth. We could use more of this.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worldserviceenl's podcast - Music From Elsewhere

This is such a great podcast! Some of the best groovy, African Jazz I have found in a ling while. I already posted it and I have only listened to 15 min of the first podcast so I am eager to hear what other beauty lies here...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

L’Orchestre Nationale de Mauritanie - La Mone

01 La Mone by Nickel B

"...L’Orchestre Nationale was the first modern Mauritanian musical troupe. In 1967, the young president Moktar Ould Daddah sent Hadrami along with 14 other musicians to Guinea Conakry for musical training in what would be the first experiment in modernization — incorporating a brass section and electric guitars — but retaining the Hoddu and finding a particularly important place for the Mauritanian flute, the Neyfara, featured prominently on a number of tracks. Returning to Nouakchott, a town of no more 20,000 in the pre-drought Mauritania, the L’Orchestre National was the official band of the new country, playing in official capacity for the president in all social events, and providing a soundtrack of post-colonial aspirations..."

...Read the whole story at Sahel Sounds.....

Rahsaan Roland Kirk clip on Nightmusic

More Rahsaan Roland Kirk. This is a quick piece of a documentary on him and it even shows him playing the noseflute. He would sometimes have a flute in each nostril and up to 3 horns in his mouth at the same time. Also, he was notorious for handing out kazoos and whistles to the crowd. In the key of W.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Live In London England

Rahsaan Roland Kirk could circular breathe and play what seems an infinite amount of instruments at one time. This clip has the legendary jazz drummer Phil Seaman playing behind him. It is taken from a pretty cool French documentary called "Sound". Parts 1-3 of the doc are available on youtube. I have his 1972 performance at Montreux on VHS and it is a gem of a performance (he gets the crowd going absolutely mad at the end). I found a clip of that performance on youtube but the whole thing is much longer and much more entertaining. If no one else posts the entire thing I will post it on youtube eventually. It's too good to not share it.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk "Seasons" in Montreux 1972

Incredible. Rahsaan Roland Kirk is an absolute hero.

Nina Simone - Baltimore

An underplayed Nina Simone song called Baltimore with some absolutely wonderful shots of Baltimore circa 1969. Some of those shots could be from today. It breaks this midwestern boy's heart to see how poor and broken many America's midwestern cities have become. My best friend's friend's brother was murdered in Milwaukee yesterday. It stems directly from lack of opportunity and desperation. All of this shit makes me so sad. Where have the jobs and opportunities gone to? There is much desperation among the people, conventional economics has utterly failed and all the politicians offer for fixes are more of the same. This will not end well.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mungo's Hifi - Divorce a l'Italienne

Some great tunage from Mungo's Hi-Fi.

Beats Antique - Beauty Beats

Beats antique is fresh world electronic music. I had the pleasure of seeing them live about 5 months ago and it is well worth the price of some dead presidents. They have just released their 2008 album, Collide, for free download on their website Collide - Beats Antique

Hard Times (J.Period Remix) f. Black Thought, John Legend & dead prez

I've been posting a lot of post dubstep/electronica, cumbia/world music here lately to showcase the MadChange in music but I won't forget to jump back to showcasing the MadChange that politically charged music can bring. Especially during an age where most lyricist aint sayin shit. So check out this ill remix of Hard Times (original Hard Times done by Baby Huey, then covered by John Legend and The Roots). Pay close attention to the lyrics, pure truth and fire. The whole mixtape by J. Period is amazing, cop it here: Wake Up! Radio (mixtape)

Bombs Over Baghdad Reggae Remix - DJ Theory

Bombs Over The Bay ft. Outkast, Wailing Souls, Santigold, Major Lazer by DJ THEORY

Wicked reggae remix of Bombs Over Baghdad, mixed with Wailing Souls beat and some sound bites from Santigold & Major Lazer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Michael Franti & Spearhead ~ Listener Supported

A little something with a political bent because it has been too long since I posted something with lyrics like this. Great track from Michael Franti.

Nancy Baym interview

Nancy Baym is a music scholar and I was just reading her interview (whole interview here) that was posted at Wax & Wayne's blog and thought I would repost a bit of it. The music landscape continues to confound and confuse "the industry" but not scholars like this who can pick it apart and make sense of it accurately. I especially like this bit of the interview:

Does the question of “social exchange” (as opposed to economic) become more important in an age of “social media,” or just more noticeable? Where does something like (unpaid) “fan labor” fit into the equation?
Social exchange is both more noticeable and more important. It’s always been there. When I talk to musicians about what they find most rewarding in their engagements with audiences, they never talk about the fan who paid them $100 for a CD when they were only asking for $10. They talk about hearing that their music helped someone deal with a loved one’s death, they talk about realizing people had traveled far just to see them perform, they talk about receiving art that fans had been inspired to create because of their music, they talk about getting to travel and meet people in different cultures. These are all social rewards and none of them rely on social media, though they often arrive through those means.
Fans engage in unpaid labor for social reasons rather than economic ones. In fact, they often view monetary compensation as devaluing what they do, which is common in fan communities. They do what they do for one another because they want to share the pleasure they take in the music. They also do it to build their own status in fan communities. They do it because it brings more music into their inbox. They do it because it’s a way to form social relationships with the artists they love. Sometimes they do it to build a base for a career in music themselves, and some do move on from running a fan site to working for the label, but it’s rarely intended from the get-go as a way to make money. Just as people in the music industries need to recognize the social values that matter in the music ecosystem, people who think about the work fans do as exploitation need to recognize and respect the social rewards that these fans receive and value in exchange for their labors. That said, the potential for exploitation is always there and is something everyone involved should be sensitive to.

Mariachi Connecticut Serenades a Beluga Whale

All mammals can appreciate some good old fashioned Mariachi.

Ben Tactic - Coroa de Ouro

Ben Tactic - Coroa de Ouro by Tactic

It's Moombahton Monday so here is some nice Moombahton from Ben Tactic. Get the free download while you can. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

MadCoins - Cumbia Mix (Cumbia Cinco de Mayo)


A chunk of the set I did at a local bar for Cinco de Mayo, download available. Un poco de Cumbia nueva y Cumbia vieja.

MadCoins - 'merica mix

A slew of golden era and old school hip hop recorded live for Sunday Service Night at Natt Spil bar in Madison, Wisconsin on 7/3/2011

Felix Laband - Red Handed

A chillout tune for a chill Sunday. Felix Laband is from South Africa and you are not.

Chong X - Balkanizer (Original Mix)

Moombahton-Balkan experimental ass shaker from Chong-X

Cumbia Cosmonauts - Cumbia Incoming

Cumbia Cosmonauts - Cumbia Incoming VJ clip from Tobi Armbruster on Vimeo.

A Nu Cumbia banger from Cumbia Cosmonauts along with a slick space exploration themed video.

Clams Casino - I'm God

Clam Casino is mean with the smoothed out beats, often havin an MC on top of the soundscapes he creates.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Madeleine Chartrand - Ani Kuni

Madeleine Chartrand I believe is French Canadian Native American (how is that for a run on ethnic group) and jams the fuck out on some Native American-Middle Eastern-French-Funk-Rock hybrid called Ani Kuni in 1972. Groundbreaking mad changey music from almost 40 years ago.

Mishka - Higher Heights

Mishka is channeling some Bob Marley type spirit here. One encompassing love.

Y La Bamba - Juniper (Music Video)

Though this is not in line with a lot of what I post here, it deserves posting. Hypnotic, soothing tune from Y La Bamba. Here is to seeing the world as we did when we were young and took the time to be amazed by all things, rather than judge all things.

Bibio - Sugarette

More Bibio from the UK.

Bibio - Fireant

Fireants! If this were the soundtrack to getting eaten by fireants I would welcome my arm getting chewed up.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ra from Django's Ghost on Vimeo.

If you don't know about Sun Ra then you are far too much from this world. Chaos or beauty? Or one in the same...

There are moments of the band covering tracks from the album Angels and Demons at Play. This! is one of my favorite albums in existence. Don't tell anyone or I may be turned over to the thought/weird police... Put it on in the background when you are cleaning or knitting or sweeping or fucking and see what it does for you. I dares you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Posse (schlachthofbronx edit)

Posse by Sir Mix-A-Lot like you've never heard it. Schlachthofbronx freak the beat to sound tropical/moombahton.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DO THE DILLA - A Tribute To The Drum Master

This is a really nice tribute to the master of the drums himself, J Dilla. Done by some Swiss dudes who apparently know how to knock some remixes out of the park. FREE DOWNLOAD! 

Rollerskaters - Sleep Tight (Star Slinger Remix)

Alright Star Slinger, after further review, I'm officially a fan. You will be hearing much, much more from this kid. Keep on!

Teams vs. Star Slinger - Punch Drunk Love | HD

Slick sampling, soulful track. Production by Star Slinger.

Star Slinger - Mornin' (Music Video Directed by Alan Jensen)

Nice morning groove by UK producer Star Slinger.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Got 5 On It (Daims & ChriSupreme MoomBAYton Remix) by DAIMS&CHRISUPREME

A little Luniz remix never hurt anybody. These guys flipped it with a Moombahton remix for the modern ass/dancefloor. 

flying lotus - 1983

Screw it, I'm on a roll (fly). 1983 like a mutherfucker!

Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers

More FlyLo but this time coming from planet trip hop, where I would like to one day immigrate to. YouTube comment I read on this track points this out: "Vocals are JUST on the verge of being too intrusive, but it holds the balance so its cool." Very true, her vocals are almost annoying but end up being perfect fro the instrumental and never actually annoying. Go FlyLo go.

Flying Lotus - Sketchbook

More FlyLo because you deserve it.

Mia Doi Todd - My Room Is White (Flying Lotus Remix)

Are we going to give up or are we going to try... Are we going to give up or are we going to try to learn what life is? This may be my favorite Flying Lotus remix. Beauty.

Mia Doi Todd - My Room is White

My room in Austin is actually white. My window is actually closed to traffic and all that racket. I am amazed by the tranquility of this song by Mia Doi Todd. I must admit I would not know of it unless Flying Lotus had remixed it into a brilliant, totally separate sounding track. He did somehow manage to keep the magic of this track intact while flipping the instrumental completely. Both these artists deserve more appreciation (Mia Doi Todd deserves it more, she is virtually unknown). Enjoy the tranquility.

Bonobo - Pick Up (Four Tet Remix)

And since I am in a Four Tet remix kind of mood here is him remixing Bonobo. Two masters of the fresh ass instrumental in one track.

MF Doom - Money Folder (Four Tex remix)

Your day needs some DOOOOOOM and some Four Tet. Here is both in one go. Now hook me with two apple pies and a small fries...

Nicolas Jaar - What My Last Girl Put Me Through

Beautiful soul cut up by Nicolas Jaar called "What My Last Girl Put Me Through". Am I right fellas...?

Little Dragon - Constant Surprises

Little Dragon bringing new Trip Hop to the world via their own type of change. Some call it coincidence but I call it fate.

Untold - Anaconda (Tribal Guarachero Mix)

Nice Tribal Guarachero mix of Untold's "Anaconda".

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Araabmuzik - Zombeez (Instrumental) *HQ*

When zombies come to kill me, I will be loopin this on the best system I can find while running out of ammo and snappin baseball bats on zombie scum. I am not enamored with this beat by any means I just think it would be a rad song to kill zombies to. Close your eyes and picture the slaughter. 

Eugene McDaniels - Lovin' Man 1971

R.I.P. Eugene McDaniels. He influenced the roots of hip hop with his socially and politically charged lyrics and with his song "Jagger The Dagger" which was sampled by a pile of great hip hop artists. Respect due to this man for his brave lyrical content which pushed change in music in the 1960s.

MR. DIBIASE Fine Tuning

Enjoy the smoothed out "Fine Tuning" by Mr. Dibiase. This song gets me about as high as a blunt of legal mary jane does, which i use for my cataracts. I would go as far as to say this song should be for sale at dispensaries in California.

Mr Dibiase - Brazilian Lady

Oh so nice with the beats is Mr. Dibiase. Watch out for this kid...

Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue

Very happytime British sound to this chune by Bibio. It sets hazy images/memories in my mind that cannot be quite focused on. I like the top Youtube comment quite a lot: "This song makes me want to go down to the botanical gardens, strip naked, and skip through the flowerbeds saying "La La La La La"! And then buy ice cream for all the strangers staring at me before the cops arrive."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx - My Cloud (Instrumental)

A beat Jamie XX created for Gil Scott-Heron's "My Cloud". It is a beat Dilla would be proud of.

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX - Home

More Gil Scott-Heron (rest easy) mixed by Jamie XX. Poetry in dub motion. Eerily timely lines flowing at the end from Gil Scott "Hang onto your rosary beads, close your eyes and watch me die" & "Might not be such a bad idea, seems like I need to get out of here". I say it was a bad idea.

Africa Hitech - Too Late Dub

Here is some future dub by Africa Hitech.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

SONIDO GALLO NEGRO La Pollera Amarilla

More Latin beats to wind down another summer weekend. From Mexico City Sonido Gallo Negro captures the Chicha sound flawlessly.

La Inédita - Fayah (Videoclip Oficial)

And here is a video of La Inedita's Fayah that I just posted from Soundcloud. Enjoy some visuals with this tasty jam.
La Inédita - Fayah by lainedita

This is the best Latin track I have heard all summer. La Inedita has an unorhtodox style of fusing 3 amazing genres: dancehall, raggamuffin and chicha. Can't go wrong with this kind of progressive change. 

El Cafetero - Super Grupo Colombia (C)

Some classic sounding Cumbia for your Sunday from the excellent band Super Grupo Colombia.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Really Nice Brazilian Mix by DJ Nuts from Sao Paulo. There is even a Bossa Nova version of a muppets song hidden in the mix, what more incentive do you need to listen to it? Thanks NLK. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coya Boyz - haedo, Punto de Fuga

Cutting edge Nu Cumbia from Coya Boyz.

Jay Dee - Rico Suave Bossa Nova

Rico Suave Bossa Nova by Jay Dee.

Waajeed - Jeedo Suave

Jeedo Suave from Detroit native Wajeed. I first heard this melody through J Dee's Rico Suave Bossa Nova. I read that Rico Suave Bossa Nova was inspired by Sergio Mendes and went in search of the origin of the piano melody. I thought it was originally a Sergio Mendes melody but it ended up being from The Milton Banana Trio's "Cidade Vazia" from 1966. Dilla drew inspiration from not only every corner of this planet but many more planets as well. 

Los Animadores - La maquina de Haiti - Antillano

Beautiful piece of music I just discovered from 1974. I believe it translates to The Haiti Machine.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fela Kuti - Shakara

The original Shakara track from Fela Kuti from 1972. Brilliant stuff.

Lizandro Meza - Shacalao - Limeza

Here is another cover version of Shacalao (Shakara) done by Lizandro Meza Y Su Conjunto from 1975.

Cumbia Moderna de Soledad - Shacalao - Tropical

This Cumbia titled "Shacalao" is actually a 1975 cover of Fela Kuti's 1972 afrobeat track called Shakara. With its sparse but powerful percussive push and chanting chorus, "Shacalao" strips Fela's more groove-laden "Shakara" down to rhythmic studs, pushing it forward with the two-step beat that lies at the heart of cumbia (Colombia's most popular Latin music export). Yet, while Cumbia Moderna remakes Fela, it also gestures to the deep tradition that bonds eastern Colombia with western Africa. Cumbia's distinctive rhythms derive from African traditions first brought into South America via the transatlantic slave trade of the 16th and 17th centuries (It is thought the Cumbe rhythm from Guinea is at the roots of Cumbia). All covers could be said to be homages, but in this case, "Shacalao" also serves as a profound nod to cumbia's ancestral African roots. As different as "Shakara" and "Shacalao" may seem on the surface, beneath their textures pulses a heartbeat with a common, intertwined bloodline tracing across thousands of miles and hundreds of years. The complexity and serendipity of those rhythms was always at the heart of Fela's funky fusions. As Cumbia Moderna so powerfully demonstrates, the original "Black President" inspired the same impulse amongst musicians around the globe.

Uproot Andy - El Botellón

Uproot Andy is getting a hug from me for this creation. Me gusta senor Andy, he keeps planting seeds for uproots.

lee "scratch" perry the mighty upsetter - black belt jones

Put on your black belt, make yourself a drink, sit in the sun and pour some dub reggae into your mid-summer.

Young Montana? - Midnight Snacks

I really dig this song from 1:40 onward. It seems there are 3 sections to this song. 0:01-1:40, 1:40-2:20 and 2:20 til the end. Future soul is in your ear once more.

Bibio - Lovers' Carvings (Letherette remix)

And because the summer heat makes you randy, a baby makin' Letherette remix of Bibio's Lovers' Carvings.

Letherette - Blad

This is something even more bad from Letherette (not bad as in bad but bad as in good).

Letherette - Good For Me

Leatherette comin' with some solid future soul production on this one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shockman - Shock Out (Voltage Music VLT-012)

Dub for the dancefloor by Shockman.

Pretty Lights - Fly Like An Eagle (Remix) [Unreleased 2010 Remixes]

Pretty Lights remixes "Fly Like An Eagle" better than anybody else who has ever tried. I like the end result of combining the bass of Pretty Lights, the rhymes of Rakim from "I Know You Got Soul" and the singing of Steve Miller Band.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Gods and Goddesses" by Rufus Harley

More from Rufus Harley, this time the bagpipes get slathered in funk. After hearing this track, attending a Scottish themed funk party is now on my bucket list.

Rufus Harley - A LOVE SUPREME - Coltrane with BAGPIPES

Rufus Harley playing John Coltrane's "Love Supreme" on bagpipes. I've never seen a jazz cat get down on some bagpipes other than Rufus Harvey. The man was of Cherokee & African descent and chose a Scottish instrument for his weapon of choice. He represented a blend of culture, originality and MadChange.

Jil Jilala - Moroccan Music

The musicianship is so tight on this recording (using only a ngoni, a banjo, bongos and two hand drums). Robots or humans? If you guessed humans you would be correct. This is Moroccan group Jil Jilala from the 1970s. Timeless stuff.

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba at G8

Bassekou Kouyate playing the african instrument called the Ngoni. Backing band doing a fine job to help make it a great live performance.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

La Monte Young ~ The Well-Tuned Piano ~ 1/5

La Monte Young's hour long "Magnum Opus" for piano tuned to just-intonation.

Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich - Beginning

Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich. This is only the first 10 minutes, if you like what you hear go and find the full length track which runs 56 minutes. There have been three recordings of Music for 18 musicians released. Each recording sounds slightly different but in order of preference for me, the recordings/release labels go ECM, RCA, and Nonesuch. This footage is from a live performance on June 21, 2008. This piece is perfect for reflection, deflation and/or meditation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Juakali - Revolution Now

Juakali with more Dancehall from the future. Revolution now! And I don't think he means this current corporate revolution we are in. Man, the people are getting their asses handed to them in this current revolution/war and many have yet to even recognize there is a war outside. Look out your window before it is too late. Gil Scott-Heron was right when he said the revolution will not be televised. But he was talking about our revolution. Their revolution will be, is, and has been being televised. If you don't shut that shit off you are going to end up inadvertently aiding them and allowing everything us non corporate citizens hold dear to be destroyed. Wake up! They are vampires and they are coming for blood more relentless than ever. Once they have sucked your locale, city, state, providence, country dry, they will go find new blood (they have no country) and you will be left among the dead and the walking dead. It is daily fight and your weapon is critical thinking and your money, not your vote. They already took democracy, but greed knows no limits and capitalism and corporations have long, strong roots of greed. They are now after not only your money, but your rights, dignity and pride. You can't kill the roots but you can slow their growth and buy us time by consuming less and purchasing only independent products when you do consume. Keep your dignity, turn off the television and turn off the corporate stranglehold on politics and society.

Juakali - Dem City

Up and coming Kenyan artist Juakali (from Trinidad) remixed by Nate Mars. Dis eer a future sound of dancehall.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amon Tobin 'ISAM' Live (Extended Trailer)

Amon Tobin has a new album out called Isam and a new visual show that he is touring with to promote the album/melt your mind. This show looks second to none as far as visual art goes. Dude continues to smash down walls and break new ground in art/media. MadChange.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Donald Byrd - "Think Twice"

Think Twice is originally from the 1974? album "Steppin' into Tomorrow", this version from the 1992 Blue Note release "The Best of Donald Byrd". It has been covered by Eryka Badu and Jay Dilla as well as sampled by Main Source (Large Professor) for "Lookin At The Front Door", A Tribe Called Quest on "Footprints" and Peanut Butter Wolf on "Think Twice".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keep It Reggae mix by MadCoins

Keep It Reggae is a mix of some of my favorite classic reggae tracks (including lots of rocksteady) from the 60s and 70s. I have just posted it over at mixcrate where you can grab the free download. It is perfect for a spring day full of sunshine. Enjoy!

Nu-Cumbia track by Bleepolar

marlon asher & leah rosier - amsterdam (bleepolar remix) by DUBBHISM

Here is a nu-cumbia track by Bleepolar. Accordion, reggae vibe and a big tech/house kick which makes this remix automatic dancefloor friendly. It has a slightly reggae shift in the middle and includes the voice of Leah, “the reggae diva from amsterdam” and Asher. It’s out on May 25th on DUBBHISM the legendary Runcome Sound System.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eusebio y su Banjo - Mi Morena Rebelde

Here is some Peruvian Chica for your Cinco De Mayo.

Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Salsa Verde

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Dawn Penn - No, No No

This famous Reggae song by Dawn Penn has a complex history starting with Bo Diddley's blues tune "She's Fine & She's Mine" written and released in 1955. Then in 1958 Willie Cobbs released a top notch blues tune covering/remixing(?) Bo Diddley's tune with a different composition called "You Don't Love Me". This song has since been covered by the allman brothers, riahnna, eve, ike and tina turner, mase and sean combs, and albert king among others. Dawn Penn released the first Jamaican take on it in No, No, No (You Don't Love Me) in 1967 and Jackie Mittoo followed with an instrumental version called "Organ Version" in 1972.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hamza el Din, Master of the Oud (Ud)

Here is some culture for your ears by Hamza el Din on the Oud. If you like this track you should check out his 3 part track called Water Wheel on youtube. Here is part one of three: Water Wheel part 1

Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra - Untitled / Fantastic (A Tribute To J DIL...

Amazing. Hip Hop was told at a young age it would never amount to anything by the "sophisticated" classes. This performance is Hip Hop shouting from the mountaintop, "Look at me now!".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Batida - "Bazuka (Quem me Rusgou?)"


Mattafix - Big City life (High Quality)

A song by London based duo (they are onto their own solo projects now) Mattafix I just discovered. I don't know where this song has been for the last 5 years but I'm glad it found a home in my ear today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

El Tigeraso, Maluca

Ignoring boundaries, blending different cultural sound and generally advocating for her own type of change is Bronx born Maluca. Raw sound. You can find the official video for this track on youtube but I try not to support music videos with advertising on this blog so go find it your damn self. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

hamid zahir lile a sidi 3mara remix حـمـيـد الـزهـيـر

I do plan on articulating the theme of this blog a bit more down the road. For now you are going to continue to get a wide blend of world music, political music, chillwave (dilla, flying lotus type beats), a bit of hip hop and music that I think has pushed or is pushing change in the (music) world. I have decided to incorporate American Folk music into a separate blog, more on that soon. World music is always influencing neighboring countries and continents and eventually new music is formed (often in melting pots or political turmoil, i.e. hip hop) which incorporates styles and influences from various regions and cultures into the new form which may sound nothing like anything it is influenced by. This is why I pay attention to beats, melodies and trends from different areas of the world. It isn't always an easy task to listen to music from another culture or in another language but if you force yourself to listen, through the discomfort you may have, your music filter will expand and intensify greatly. Middle Eastern music is something we in the west don't often listen to or bother with (other than Indian music, for some reason we seem to embrace it) and that is a real shame because there is a wealth of beautiful music there steeped in many cultures, histories and religions. I doubt I will ever understand much of of it but my ears can now, through listening to enough of it, appreciate these sounds and begin to decipher what I enjoy and what I don't. Most of the Middle Eastern and African "Pop" (like pop everywhere) that comes out is terrible (and has a very cheesy, light sound to it, one exception is the autotune stuff that comes out of it which can be quite appealing at times) in my opinion but certain classic, timeless middle eastern music is often mesmerizing (especially when performed live). This performance by Moroccan Hamid Zahir and company is one of those timeless pieces of music. From the call and response to the rhythmic clapping to his skills on the strings, it doesn't let up throughout. Earth music.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Carlos Pickling Y Su Conjunto - El Rey Del Boogaloo DJ YEYE

Here is some serious jam cumbia from 1971. Carlos Pickling was one of the original organ grinders in cumbia history. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jamie Woon -- Lady Luck (Official Video)

This Jamie Woon is a neo soul singing Londoner who has more soul than he knows what to do with. There is a better audio quality version without the video here. Also, I am feelin this remix that Hudson Mohawk just did of this track. Tickle your ears with it here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Redbull Induced Mix by MadCoins

The newest MadCoins mix is out, rejoice. I made this after 3 too many redbulls and 5 too many vodkas so I was in perfect shape to mix. This is a world beats based mix genre jumping between UK Funky, Middle Eastern beats, Hip Hop, Glitch and general weirdness. Free download available as usual. 

Black Cab Sessions. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah has apparently been listening to the wrong radio station. I've tuned into that same station and I will tell you it is a terrible station that unfortunately has a lot of dedicated listeners. If you like this stream of consciousness there are more clips of him on youtube, an interview at democracynow.org, and a few albums he has released over the years you should check out. Benjamin Zephaniah describes himself as a poet, reggae artist, activist and revolutionary. I discovered him by digging in dusty crates and finding his first album called "Rasta" from 1983 at a thrift store a few years ago. I was impressed to say the least. I couldn't find much info on him at that time but now it seems plenty has surfaced online. This guy is all about the best kind of change, I will now tip my hat to him.

Monday, March 28, 2011

PARIS - Don't Stop The Movement - Acid Reflex - Hip-Hop Protest Anthem

When I first heard that tUnE-yArDs "Bizness" track my mind immediately went to this Paris track. Both artists are based in Oakland and I am absolutely convinced she based the hook on "Bizness" off "Don't Stop The Movement". I like her even more now.

tUnE-yArDs - 'Bizness'

Merrill Garbus, aka tUnE-yArDs, is marvelous and an absolute joy to see live. Her new album WHOKILL drops on April 19th. She is a hidden gem full of originality, creativity and change. Know her, love her.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Badawi - Final Warning

Here is another worldly, experimental music alchemist along the same lines as Muslimgauze (see post a few weeks ago). Raz Mesinai's (aka Badawi) music is usually highly rhythmic with a particular keen sense of microtonal sound. Though his music often sounds like it has a middle eastern influence, he in fact hails from NYC. He was highly influenced by shamanic and trance ritual music as a child by his single transient mother and released his first album in 1994 as a 20 year old. He has since released almost 20 albums under various pseudonyms, his last in 2007 from Badawi called "Unit Of Resistance".

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011


This is one of my favorite War songs from their "The World Is A Ghetto" album from 1972. It so chill and perfect for contemplating/reminiscing. You can hear the pain of Vietnam buried deep in its guts. I've definitely imagined being a soldier fresh home from that unnecessary, horrific affair just sitting and staring at the wall with this record rotating nearby.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Earth Groove: The Voice Of Cosmic India

This is Pandit Pran Nath, he made one of my favorite meditation records ever. There is something truly cosmic and peaceful about this recording. Though I highly recommend purchasing the vinyl from Mississippi Records (link below) for the full audio experience (and to support an amazing record label), I have just located a digital download and wanted to share this audio with readers of this blog. Click on Earth Groove: Voice Of Cosmic India below and find some peace for yourself.

Containing two side-length ragas, this record, released on Mississippi "subsidiary" Change Records, was the first US release for noted singer and spiritual leader Pandit Pran Nath. Pran Nath collaborated with minimalist innovators La Monte Young and Terry Riley, and this record is a great example of the far-out, post-lingual aesthetic he helped to develop, and which was further explored by bands like Sun City Girls.