Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shockman - Shock Out (Voltage Music VLT-012)

Dub for the dancefloor by Shockman.

Pretty Lights - Fly Like An Eagle (Remix) [Unreleased 2010 Remixes]

Pretty Lights remixes "Fly Like An Eagle" better than anybody else who has ever tried. I like the end result of combining the bass of Pretty Lights, the rhymes of Rakim from "I Know You Got Soul" and the singing of Steve Miller Band.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Gods and Goddesses" by Rufus Harley

More from Rufus Harley, this time the bagpipes get slathered in funk. After hearing this track, attending a Scottish themed funk party is now on my bucket list.

Rufus Harley - A LOVE SUPREME - Coltrane with BAGPIPES

Rufus Harley playing John Coltrane's "Love Supreme" on bagpipes. I've never seen a jazz cat get down on some bagpipes other than Rufus Harvey. The man was of Cherokee & African descent and chose a Scottish instrument for his weapon of choice. He represented a blend of culture, originality and MadChange.

Jil Jilala - Moroccan Music

The musicianship is so tight on this recording (using only a ngoni, a banjo, bongos and two hand drums). Robots or humans? If you guessed humans you would be correct. This is Moroccan group Jil Jilala from the 1970s. Timeless stuff.

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba at G8

Bassekou Kouyate playing the african instrument called the Ngoni. Backing band doing a fine job to help make it a great live performance.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

La Monte Young ~ The Well-Tuned Piano ~ 1/5

La Monte Young's hour long "Magnum Opus" for piano tuned to just-intonation.

Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich - Beginning

Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich. This is only the first 10 minutes, if you like what you hear go and find the full length track which runs 56 minutes. There have been three recordings of Music for 18 musicians released. Each recording sounds slightly different but in order of preference for me, the recordings/release labels go ECM, RCA, and Nonesuch. This footage is from a live performance on June 21, 2008. This piece is perfect for reflection, deflation and/or meditation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Juakali - Revolution Now

Juakali with more Dancehall from the future. Revolution now! And I don't think he means this current corporate revolution we are in. Man, the people are getting their asses handed to them in this current revolution/war and many have yet to even recognize there is a war outside. Look out your window before it is too late. Gil Scott-Heron was right when he said the revolution will not be televised. But he was talking about our revolution. Their revolution will be, is, and has been being televised. If you don't shut that shit off you are going to end up inadvertently aiding them and allowing everything us non corporate citizens hold dear to be destroyed. Wake up! They are vampires and they are coming for blood more relentless than ever. Once they have sucked your locale, city, state, providence, country dry, they will go find new blood (they have no country) and you will be left among the dead and the walking dead. It is daily fight and your weapon is critical thinking and your money, not your vote. They already took democracy, but greed knows no limits and capitalism and corporations have long, strong roots of greed. They are now after not only your money, but your rights, dignity and pride. You can't kill the roots but you can slow their growth and buy us time by consuming less and purchasing only independent products when you do consume. Keep your dignity, turn off the television and turn off the corporate stranglehold on politics and society.

Juakali - Dem City

Up and coming Kenyan artist Juakali (from Trinidad) remixed by Nate Mars. Dis eer a future sound of dancehall.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Amon Tobin 'ISAM' Live (Extended Trailer)

Amon Tobin has a new album out called Isam and a new visual show that he is touring with to promote the album/melt your mind. This show looks second to none as far as visual art goes. Dude continues to smash down walls and break new ground in art/media. MadChange.