Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kwanzaa Posse - Wicked Funk

Funky ass tune from Kwanzaa Posse sampling on of the best loops of Fela Kuti ever. So, so groovy.

Homeboy Sandman - Calm Tornado MUSIC VIDEO PREMIER

Anybody that thinks hip hop is dead needs a heavy dose of Homeboy Sandman shoved down their ear hole. Dude can rip the mic. Also, he ends this sick flow with the word Milwaukee, which makes this Wisconsin boy quite proud.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

J Dilla - 01 - track 3 (you're the one) - 3 beat tapes

This might be one of my favorite minutes by Dilla. So simple yet that loop and beat work so well together you will dream about this beat even after all your music equipment has been seized by the man. Dilla = pushing things forward = MadChange

The Marvelettes - You're the one for me Bobby

This is a great, often overlooked song by The Marvelettes. J Dilla looped the best part of it and made an amazing beat/track with it which I will post next.

king tubby - herb man dub

The Skatalites Meet King Tubby from the album Heroes of Reggae in Dub. This! is one of the best break beat reggae tunes of all time.

Ayatollah - A Cold Feeling Feat. Rakim (Instrumental)

One of my favorite instrumentals I have discovered in 2011. I think the sample might be from T Bone Walker's "Cold, Cold Feeling". Rakim is on the original, which makes sense as no one else should be able to touch such a nice beat . It hits so hard you might break your neck.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

tUnE-yArDs-Gangsta (Adrock Remix)

This Adrock remix of "Gangsta" by the tUnE-yArDs is fresh like brushed teeths. tUnE-yArDs sound is definitely pushing MadChange in music these daze. She puts most indi rock to shame/to the gallows.

"Gangsta" - tUnE-yArDs

I posted tUnE-yArDs "Bizness" a while back on this blog but wanted to post her "Gangsta" track because it has been getting a lot of play in my ears lately. Next up, the Adrock remix of "Gangsta".

BIG YOUTH "Marcus Garvey Dread" Garance Reggae Festival 2010

And here is Big Youth as a a living legend performing in 2010 at the Garance Reggae Festival in France. He's still got it.

BIG Youth - Live

Here is a re-post about the underrated Reggae star Big Youth I just saw over at (check out their blog, it's great):

Big Youth was a “toaster” or “DJ” who would basically rhyme and rap over records during the large outdoor Jamaican dance parties that used to be known as “sounds.” Taking his cue from U Roy, who was more or less the first DJ (or at least the genre’s first star), Big Youth would chat, chant, sort of sing and just bullshit on the mike, offering humor, politics and heady doses of Rasta spirituality. I was transfixed by Big Youth’s voice, subject matter and… just the whole image he projected of a wise God-loving and yet sexy ghetto preacher. The guy was incredible! Why didn’t the whole world know about him? Why wasn’t this guy acclaimed as a musical genius? He was the coolest motherfucker I’d ever heard of.
Big Youth was Bob Marley’s favorite musician in Jamaica and he praised Jah Youth in many interviews during the 70s. Marley actually copped quite a bit from Big Youth, not the least being his clothes, his dreadlocks—Big Youth was the first Jamaican musician of any note to flash his dreads onstage as followers of Rastafari were still semi-social outcasts even then—and even his use of the words “Natty” and “Dread” in his lyrics. Yes, it’s a historical fact that Bob Marley stole a bit of his swagger from Jah Youth (who seemed mildly pissed off about this in several 70s vintage articles I’ve read).
But as any reggae fanatic can tell you, during the classic roots era of the 70s, there were very, very few film or video cameras floating around the Kingston ghettos. Unless it was a part of Bob Marley’s scene, the era, aside from photographs, remains more or less unrecorded. There are some quite good documentaries on Jamaica music, but they can be counted on one hand. So it was very exciting to discover this brief but amazing B&W video clip of Jah Youth during his prime. I’ve searched for Big Youth clips from his 70s peak on YouTube for years and come up empty-handed until now. Even if it is under two minutes, it’s still Big Youth and it fucking slays. - Richard Metzger via Dangerousminds

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mayer Hawthorne - A Long Time

My favorite song/video combo of the year, hands down. The smooth crooning of Mayer Hawthorne along with some tightly edited dance moves and fashion from a local Detroit dance show circa 1990.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Venus X - Renegade Berberse

This is ill like flu season. Drum & Beast mixed with the Middle East! I love the envelope pushing here = MadChange.